Andy & Shannon Mahre are more than coaches - they are a husband and wife team and are partners in life on and off the mountain, raising their sons, Ryder & Huck, to enjoy the outdoors just as much as they do. 

Both Shannon & Andy started their coaching careers as athletes, and although they are both still sponsored & enjoy "getting after it", they focus the majority of their time on coaching and helping others to excel at the sports that have made them both the people that they are today. 

And when they aren't shredding, coaching or adventuring with their sons, they are shooting photos and videos (Andy is also a commercial drone pilot) and writing articles for their clients through their other company, Mahre Media. So don't be surprised when you head home after one of their clinics with some great photos and videos of yourself getting after it - because they truly can't help themselves! 

The big joke around the house is that Shannon has had enough schooling for the two of them - With a Master's in Business Administration & over 14 years working in the outdoor, tourism & media industry, along with her coaching, writing & photography, she also offers her services as a consultant & media professional.

Andy - the man of MANY talents - runs Mahre Construction when he's not coaching or flying his drone for a client, specializing in custom homes and remodels in the Yakima & White Pass areas. 


Interested in getting a glimpse into our past? Check this movie that was created about us in partnership with Thor Industries prior to the arrival of our littlest crazy baby, Huck.

Crazy Baby Movie 



Interested in learning more about these two & their other businesses?

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